Understanding Movies

Understanding Movies

Saturday, September 22, 2012

House at the End of the Street movie explanation

House at the End of the Street debuted in movie theaters this weekend. The plot is designed to keep moviegoers thinking throughout the movie. Are you confused about the plot. Have questions on the clues in the movie ending?

House at the End of the Street is one of those movies that require explanations. We agree that complex movie plots create confusion. House at the End of the Street is an easy movie to explain. If you haven't watched the horror movie yet, beware we will be discussing movie spoilers.

***Movie Spoiler***

House at the End of the Street has a slow movie setup to build character. We watch a young girl murder her parents in cold blood. You may ask who is Carrie Anne? Why does Ryan have blue contacts? Who killed Ryan's parents? I'm sure you want to understand House at the End of the Street better. 

Carrie Anne is Ryan's younger sister. Moviegoers are supposed to believe Carrie suffered from a childhood brain injury that may have caused her to snap. However, the truth to the plot is that Carrie Anne died as a child. The parents buried Carrie Anne in a dirt grave. 

Ryan is punished for accidentally pushing the swing too high, resulting in Carrie Anne's death. Ryan's punishment is to dress up as a girl to become Carrie Anne. We see another Sleepaway Camp twist. The parents cause their sons' to experience gender transformation. Thus, the boys experience major psychological trauma. 

Ryan kidnaps older girls to fill in a void Carrie Anne left. He probably suffered from PTSD. The initial shock that Ryan's sister died triggered his brain to view the moment as traumatic. Ryan refused to accept dressing up as a girl anymore. His parents transformed him into Carrie Anne. In the movie setup, we see Ryan snap to murder his parents. We think the girl is Carrie Anne.  

Why does Ryan buy blue contacts? Carrie Anne had blue eyes. The female Penn State college student has brown eyes. He purchases blue contacts to make the  college girl's eye blue like his sister. He needs a girl to be like Carrie Anne, which is a psychological issues that require therapeutic intervention. 

Jennifer Lawrence's character finds the tampons to reveal Ryan is hiding a young girl capable of having their menstrual cycle. If Ryan lived alone, he shouldn't have a box of tampons in his garbage can. The fresh items thrown away in the garbage are evidence to support there is a girl in the home.  

In the flashback at the mental institute (plot twist), Ryan is seen dressed up as a little girl (Carrie Anne). While serving a cake, Ryan's mother calls him Carrie Anne. He says I'm Ryan. The mother tells Ryan to shut up, slaps him and indicates you're Carrie Anne. The plot is structured to make moviegoers think Carrie Anne murdered the parents rather than draw attention to Ryan as a murder. 

Why murder the parents? First the foremost, the mother is a drug user. She made Ryan assume his dead sister's role. She called him Carrie Anne. Ryan most likely suffered from multiple mental disorders that fall under Axis I & Axis II of the DSM. He probably snapped on the night he decided to kill his parents. 

The truth is that Ryan murdered his mother and father to settle a score against them. Ryan's possible PTSD and chronic neglect made him snap out of his mind. He never sought after medical treatment to treat his condition. Essentially, Ryan kidnapped girls and drugged them. He needed Carrie Anne to function. 

Therefore, a young girl dressed up in a nightgown satisfied his need to remain sane. Soon after the first Carrie Anne died (he accidently snapped her neck), Ryan begin to fall apart emotionally. He intended to replace Carrie Anne with Elissa. 

However, the nice Penn State college student working as a waitress at the diner attracted Ryan's attention. He used chloroform to knock her out. He drugged the female college student, and then dressed her up in a nightgown. Ryan eventually killed the girl since he needed Elissa to become Carrie Anne. 

Ryan's childhood experiences caused his psychological destruction. He never recovered from his sister's death as well as gender role reversal his mother put upon him. Ryan showed no emotion to brutally murder his parent because they tortured him with making him feel guilty for his sister's death. Worst of all, they forced him to dress up like a girl and called him Carrie Anne. 

***Sleepaway Camp movie spoilers***

The same motivation motivated young Peter to kill in Sleepaway Camp as Angela. His mother told Peter that Angela would be a good name for him. She dressed him up as a girl to make him think he was Angela. This psychological torture caused Angela to murder camp members. We see a nude killer with long female hair. She is holding a head and a knife, making hissing noises and is showing her penis. 


Ryan refused to accept his Carrie Anne role. He knew his actions caused his sister's accidental death. He grew weary of the emotional abuse (assuming Carrie Anne), so he took matters into his own hands to brutally murder his parents. Nobody knew Carrie Anne died because the parents buried her body in the dirt. 

Once the parents transformed Ryan's appearance into Carrie Anne, the town assumed Ryan got sent away. he lived as a girl until he decided to murder his parents. He kidnapped a girl to fill the Carrie Anne void. After a girl dies, Ryan finds another girl to replace her. He probably followed this cycle many times. 

The last flashback in the mental institution confirmed the backstory. We see Ryan dressed up as a girl. His mother calls him Carrie Anne. When Ryan rebells to say his real name, the mother yells at him. She slaps him and tells him you're Carrie Anne. The psychological trauma impacted Ryan's adulthood. 

***Disclaimer: This is based on previous education experience. This article is not intended to serve as a medical diagnosis. Please use for entertainment purposes rather than medical advice. Please consult a physician to deal with any medical issues. In reading this article, you agree to not hold us liable for any information featured here. Thank you for your understanding.            

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