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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 movie explanation

Insidious Chapter 2 is a follow-up to the original sleeper hit Insidious movie that traveled into movie theaters a few years ago. In the new sequel, this movie functions like a Yahoo! Answers list. Movie fans ask questions about Insidious, and then others provide answers.

If you just watched Insidious 2, the following content below will help you to understand the plot. However, if you haven't watched this astral horror movie yet, then we urge you to avoid this post. The following post below will provide movie explanations and reveal movie spoilers of Insidious Chapter 2. Get ready for an astral travel adventure of the ages.

***Movie Spoilers***

Insidious Chapter 2 opens in 1986. Why do this? We must see the young Josh in trouble. This is the origin of his dangerous astral projection binges into The Further. Important moment in this opening scene is young Josh saying that he will show an invisible entity the way. 

In the movie ending, we figure out this invisible entity is in fact the astral form of the adult Josh. His astral body remains trapped in The Astral Hell, whereas a serial killer named Parker is occupying Josh's physical body. 

How does this happen? In the original Insidious movie, Josh races back with his son Dalton from The Further. The insidious plan seemed to get Josh back into The Further to possess him.

If you remember in the opening scene of the sequel, Josh is put under hypnosis to forget this old woman in black. This hypnosis makes Josh forget how to astral project. Therefore, Josh never revisits astral projection because he has no recollection of this practice. 

How is Elise present in the movie? Well, she is actually a spirit summoned from Heaven to help Josh, Carl and Dalton. We see a dark world beyond the physical plane. The subplanes of the astral planes enter layers of planes, where each subplane represents a particular domain. In Insidious, this subplane is the Astral Hell. The dead spirits roaming in this subplane are the most troubled souls. 

Elise is never alive in Insidious Chapter 2. She is essentially a helper, a guide that protects Josh and his family from harm. Elise is an angel with the power of light. Her soul resides in a better place beyond The Further.  

Josh is possessed the entire movie. We learn of the ghost named Parker, who is a man that killed 15 woman while dressed in a black bridal dress. The plot twist is that this old woman is a man whose mother mentally tormented him. 

Whenever Dalton sleep, he can astral project and move about the astral world. This means he can roam inside his home to spy on any person. In the scene in which Dalton sees a dead woman calling out to him, this is in fact the alternate dimension of the physical world. The dead advance toward Dalton, but their powers are disabled once Dalton returns back into his body. 

Another scene in the film ending is Dalton attaching the homemade phone can to his side. Why do this? This is symbolism of astral projection practices to convey the silver cord, a connection the cord has with the physical body. 

Insidious Chapter 2 is viewed as a time travel movie rather than an astral projection film. Josh's adult soul is capable of traveling back to the past. In VHS tape in 1986, Josh is shown to right of young Josh. Adult Josh astral projects from The Astral Hell into 1986 to ask Josh about his memories of the home.

In the falling action of the movie, we see an astral Elise spirit enter a home to speak with an injured woman involved in a car accident. She sees a mysterious entity and sighs in disbelief. We believe this entity is the red-faced demon in the original Insidious movie.

If you require additional explanations of Insidious Chapter 2, please let me know. I will do my best to help you understand the movie. Thanks!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

World War Z movie explanation

World War Z is a new zombie movie that opened on June 21, 2013. Brad Pitt stars in this sci-fi thriller where a zombie virus turns people into fast moving and strong zombies. The end of the world events are a precursor to human extinction.

There are several scenes that confuse moviegoers. If you watched World War Z, you may need further explanation to understand this movie. Avoid reading below if you plan to watch the zombie movie.

***Spoiler Alert***

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a former U.N inspector who knows all about the virus affecting the undead. In the opening scene, Gerry sees a man exit a car and fall to the ground. A few seconds prior, a woman broke the windshield out and attacked this man - biting him in the process. 

While surveying the man, Gerry counts to 10. This man gets up, look toward the sky with monster eyes, yells, and then begins to go after innocent bystanders. The transformation is complete;  a zombie bite causes the living to become undead walkers. 

How does Gerry Lane know about the 10 second transformation? Apparently, Gerry wrote a book about this strange virus that has the capability to transform people into zombies. His hypothesis is confirmed once the Philly man makes a complete transformation. 

Patient 0 supposedly got infected in South Korea. The soldiers burned the patients, his doctor, and the Colonel who caught the zombie virus. Gerry requested information concerning this virus. He asked how this group why they referred to the infected as zombies. These soldiers suspected the dead were in fact dead and somehow this virus brought them back to life. 

The airline system (planes and airports) spread the virus across the globe. What we learn is that the incubation period lasted a lot longer than 10 seconds. An infected person took minutes to transform into a zombie rather than 10 seconds we see in the Philly downtown streets. As the zombie virus gets stronger to conquer the immune system, the incubation period shortens to expose an individual to the full blown effects. Passengers remain human long enough to transfer the virus. 

The zombie has a weakness; it cannot affect people with terminal conditions. Thus, the undead are unable to detect people who are suffering from illnesses. However, the zombies use sound to attack their prey. If you make noise, they will find you like the Predator. For the most part, a zombie will not attack any person with an illness because this virus needs a healthy host to mature.

Gerry infected himself with a lethal virus/bacteria to disguise his body. A virus/bacteria works as camouflage to protect a person against the zombie virus. The zombie virus chooses its host wisely. As a result of this mutation process, the zombie virus will not attack a diseased host (we see this in action in the Species movie). 

If you have questions about World War Z, leave a comment below. We will do our best to explain the zombie movie and to address any confusing scenes. Thanks.